Final Girl rule FAQ and clarifications (unofficial)

I love Final Girl and its very thematic horror atmosphere. And, although after a few gameplays I was totally fine with improvising with the rules, early plays in particular have been a bit frustrating for me, as I felt the rules were sometimes a bit too “open to interpretation”.

Scouting various forums, on BoardGameGeek in particular, Final Girl designer AJ Profirio has answered a lot of ruling questions. I’m trying to compile all these answers on this page, which I’ll try to keep updated regularly. When in doubt, check the BoardGameGeek Final Girl Rules Forums.

Keep in mind that Final Girl is a thematic game that shouldn’t be bogged down by looking at a 100 page rulebook all the time. The designers intentionally kept the rules light, and when the rulebook doesn’t answer your questions, don’t forget that you can houserule things with the rule of thumbs given by the designers, using Infinite Evil, Abject Realism, or Never-ending Hilarity rules as described in the rulebook.

Final Girl rule Clarifications


  • Q: What happens if I need to add victims to the board but the victim bag is empty?
  • A: TODO
  • Q: Can I use weapons with reaction cards such as retaliate?
  • A: Yes (source: designer)
  • Q: During the killer attack phase, can you only play reaction cards? Specifically, I was wondering if you can play planning during this stage to improve success odds on a retaliate.
  • A: No to “Planning” and “Improvise“. “Close call” is allowed however. (source: Designer)
  • What happens if I reach -1 time outside of the Action phase? Do I have to skip my entire action phase next turn?
  • A: Yes. Yikes! (source: Designer)
  • Q: If a terror card says something about killing victims but it is not directly tied to a killer action, does the bloodlust track still move up?
  • A: Yes. Any time a victim is killed Bloodlust goes up, unless the card or effect specifically says otherwise. (source: Designer)
  • Q: Can items be used mid-movement?
  • A: No. (source: designer)

The Happy Trails Horror (Hans)

  • Q: Skinny Dipping (the victim in the lake). How does Hans ever kill this victim? I presume he doesn’t swim through the lake, or can anybody move through that space?
  • A: There is nothing preventing enemies from moving into, or through the lake. (source: Designer)

Slaughter in the Groves (Inkanyamba)

  • Q: On the Divine Wrath card where it says “Discard 1 (or 2, or ALL) random Action card(s), is that from your hand? From your discard? From the Action Tableau?
  • A: From your hand.

Frightmare on Maple Lane (Dr. Fright)

  • Q: Do you have to Convince someone in an occupied house to let you in, if you’re asleep?
  • A: yes (source: designer)
  • Q: Do you have to fall asleep if you take a short/long rest?
  • A: yes, you MUST fall asleep if you rest. Plan accordingly (source: designer)
  • Q: (Officer Kopp card) Can the killer attack victims in the same space as the police car?
  • A: Yes, there is no rule that prevents that
  • Q: (Officer Kopp card) Will victims in the police car willingly move into the killer location?
  • A: Yes. In general victims won’t follow the Final girl into the Killer’s space, but other effects in game can move them into the killer space (Source)
  • Q:(Boiler room). Can I retaliate from Boiler room attacks, and if so can I use weapons?
  • A: The attacks from Dr. Fright in boiler room are considered to be in same space. You can retaliate. And you can augment that damage with a weapon if (and only if) that weapon can be used at range 0. (Source: Designer)
  • Q:  “Slash Her”, in the card last section saying “All victims that are not in a <wrench> panic”. I guess it should be a house not a wrench?
  • A: “House” symbols on maple lane are equivalent to wrench symbols. (Source: Designer)
  • Q: Can you hurt Dr Fright with the booby trap if you are awake ?
  • A: Yes, since this is not an attack (source: Designer)

Carnage at the Carnival (Geppetto)

  • Q: The Minion Action reads: “Spawn 1 Puppet > (target Victim) > Move“. Does only one puppet move, or all of them?
  • A: You spawn 1 puppet, then each puppet on the board targets a victim and moves. (Source: Designer)
  • Q: Trap effects. When to they apply?
  • A: Trap effects (e.g. Acid Trap) inflict damage each time you enter the space, but also inflict damage once when the trap appears if you are already there. (Source: Designer)
  • “Run! I’ll Hold them off” event card errata: “If an Enemy would move into your space while the Fiance is there, instead kill the Fiance and the Killer stays where they are.” Should read: “If an Enemy would move into your space while the Fiance is there, instead kill the Fiance and the Enemy stays where they are.” (source: designer)
  • Q: Can you Guard against the damage Geppetto inflicts while resolving Endless Maddening Laughter?
  • A: No; In General you cannot guard/retaliate against something that is not specifically an attack (source: designer)

The haunting of Creech Manor (Poltergeist)

  • Q: “Voices… I hear voices!”. Do all victims move to the next floor, independently of room connections, or must there be a direct path for the victims to move?
  • A: The move must be a legal move. There must be a possible path for the victims to go from their current room to the floor above, in one move. (Source: Designer)
  • Q: “Master Showman” terror card. This card tells us to place Geppeto on your Space and place the puppets on each adjacent space if able. I drew this card when all the puppets were on the board. Geppeto and one puppet were already on my space and there was only one adjacent Space. Do I place all puppets on the only adjacent space ? Or do I place only one puppet on this space and the others stay where they are?
  • A: Move the all the puppets to the single adjacent space, following the text of the cards exactly as written (Source: Designer)
  • “It’s coming, it’s coming!” card errata: The target should be the final girl, not the victims (source: Designer)

Final Girl Character specific questions

  • Q: Charlie‘s ultimate power. Can she use the final strike card even if the card isn’t in the tableau (e.g. if it’s in my hand)?
  • A: No. (source: Designer)
  • Asami‘s special ability: “Whenever you draw at least one Item card, draw an extra card and choose one.”. What happens to the two cards you don’t choose?
  • A: both go back into the search pile, for each you choose if it goes “face up on top” or “facedown on bottom”.

Any other burning “Final girl” questions I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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