About Meeple Shelter

So, errr, I guess this is where I talk a bit about some of this site’s policies?

This is a site about board games. I’ve created it because I want to be able to talk about my own board game experiences, write reviews, or talk about anything boardgame related, without being constrained by another site’s policies or forum rules.

About our reviews

1. “Sponsored” content policy

A bit about me and this site: unless things change dramatically, this is not a business or a professional website, just a personal blog. You might see ads or affiliate links on here, but I have no direct partnership with board game publishers at the time of creating this blog. In other words, the board games I review or talk about have been bought by me. They are not, unless specified otherwise, some review copy I obtained from the publisher that could skew my opinion.

2. “Latest and greatest” reviews

Not being sponsored means that I might review games that are super old, simply because I finally decided to purchase them. Similarly, you’ll rarely see reviews for the latest and greatest kickstarter here, simply because my income is limited, and I don’t get games for free. I occasionally splurge with kickstarter or on expensive games, but it’s pretty rare if I’m being honest 😉

More importantly, I try really hard to only review games I have played significantly. This can sometimes be hard due to time constraints, or, in some cases, if I don’t really like the game and am having a hard time getting back to it. So, even when I’m buying a fairly recent game, it can take months before I get to write a review about it. Quality over speed, is that a thing?

Enjoy your stay!