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Unsettled: What’s inside the core box (board game components)

I cracked opened all the components of Unsettled and counted them so you don’t have to.

If you’d like to get a better feel of these components I have an unboxing video here:

Unsettled Board Game – a great Kickstarter

Unsettled is a board game of science fiction and discovery. The game describes itself as “a 2-4 player cooperative survival adventure set in the wondrous and unnerving fringes of uncharted space. There are no enemies and no combat, only an environment where every step, every breath, every particle around you could mean immediate, terrifying, death. Enemies are the least of your concerns.

Technically, being cooperative, the game can be played Solo, and that’s how I intend to play it personally, even though the creators warn this could diminish the “fun”.

Orange Nebula, the folks behind Unsettled, delivered a flawless Kickstarter campaign, keeping in particular their updates frequent, precise, and fun. I am not a huge fan of Kickstarter in general as I have been burned more than once, but I’d gladly pledge for one of their future projects.

Unsettled Board Game – What’s in the box

This is for the Core game. Unsettled works with a concept of “planet” boxes: the “base” game is just a Framework and a set of default rules, and “planet” boxes, each representing a scenario, are required to play. The core game ships with 2 planets by default: Planet 001 (Wenora) and Planet 002 (Grakkis). Planets each have their own difficulty level and rules (Wenora, considered as the “tutorial” is difficulty level 1, and Grakkis is difficulty level 2. There are 3 difficulty levels)


The “components” page of the rulebook is 100% accurate in my experience. There are a few Kickstarter extras included with every pledge (see below) which are not mentioned in the rulebook. The kickstarter also had a few misprints for which the team provided reprints for free, sent in a separate package.

Speaking of the rulebook, it has been quite difficult to find online. A working link at the time of writing can be found here.

Core box

  • Rulebook + 4 double-sided cheat sheets
  • 4 dual-layered player dashboards
  • 4 main boards
  • 12 large white focus cubes (6-sided dice)
  • 2 large moment markers (pink and blue)
  • 1 LUNA miniature
  • 4 Explorer miniatures
  • 2 discovery dice (8-sided blue and green dice)
  • 24 materials (green gems)
  • 24 data (blue cubes)
  • 6 power (orange discs)
  • 12 black markers (black cubes)
  • 1 time marker (circular white marker)
  • 1 trust marker (black square marker)
  • 4 scientific pursuit cubes (small black 6-sided dice)
  • 4 endurance markers (clear cubes
  • 2 planet boxes (see below for details). 001_Wenora and 002_Grakkis


The tokens are attached to 3 cardboard sheets initially, and are as follows:

  • 3 double-sided Scarab (spaceship) tiles
  • 3 structure tiles
  • 12 trait tiles
  • 15 personal avatar tiles
  • 4 robotics comprehension tokens, 4 engineering comprehension tokens, 4 chemistry comprehension tokens
  • 12 investigated tokens
  • 6 timeline trigger tokens

Planet Boxes


  • rule leaflet
  • 14 environment tiles (large cards)
  • 10 hallucination (large cards)
  • 12 opportunity (large cards)
  • 12 Survival tasks (large cards)
  • 12 breakthrough cards
  • 12 distress cards
  • 12 anomaly cards
  • 1 “Luna Primary function” card


  • 11 tentacle tokens
  • 1 Cephalopod nest large token
  • 12 “Wenora” discovery tokens


  • rule leaflet
  • 12 environment tiles (large cards)
  • 11 energy storm (large) cards
  • 12 opportunity (large) cards
  • 12 Survival tasks (large) cards
  • 1 Mystery (large) card
  • 12 breakthrough cards
  • 12 distress cards
  • 12 anomaly cards
  • 1 “Luna Primary function” card


  • 3 accumulator pylon tokens
  • 3 Behemoth presence tokens
  • 1 Storm Surge token
  • 1 Storm trigger token
  • 1 Storm tracker token
  • 1 large Elevated/Grounded token
  • 12 “Grakkis” discovery tokens

Kickstarter extras

Depending on your situation, your box might also include the following (originally shipped outside of the box):

  • Kickstarter extras and stretch goal envelopes:
    • Survival Task Pack 1 (15 large cards) and Pack 2 (17 large cards)
    • Avatar Punch pack (18 avatar tokens)
    • Luna’s Performance Assessment logs (10 large cards: 9 scoring cards + 1 explanation card)
    • Luna’s Synthesizer (2 Tokens + 8 sided die)
  • Reprints for some assets: the kickstarter campaign has a few misprints, and the team kindly sent reprints for free for those of us impacted

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