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Amazon Board Game End of Year deals – 2023

Updated 12/15

If you’re looking for last minute deals ahead of Christmas, we’re getting close to the last days where online retailers can guarantee the packages will reach your door before Christmas. This might be the right time to get some stock stuffers, or last minute treats for yourself.

Disclaimer: the links in this article are affiliate links, meaning that if you buy through my links, you don’t pay anything extra, but I get a small commission on the sale. Thanks for your support

A few tips before we start:

  • Always do your homework: you might find a better deal at your local store or on another website
    • I focus mostly on Amazon because they’re one of the few retailers that will ship English games internationally (I don’t live in the US), and, generally speaking, they have most games. But you might find better deals somewhere else
  • If you’re shopping on Amazon, I recommend the Keepa plugin for your browser. It’s a nice extension to your browser that shows you historical prices of a product. This allows in particular to detect “fake” sales that aren’t a good deal. I am not affiliated with Keepa in any way but I really like their plugin.
  • By the time you read this, it’s possible a given deal is gone, or not available to you. I don’t control that, sorry!

Here are some of the ongoing deals on Amazon for board games, I’ll do my best to keep this list updated throughout the holiday season.

For more deals, head over to Amazon’s Board Games section in their deals category!

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