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A handful of early holiday deals for Board Games on Amazon

I hate Christmas shopping as much as the next person, but if there’s one area where Black Friday deals are actually worth it, it’s Board games. This year is no difference, and Amazon are starting early, with a few good deals already here.

Disclaimer: the links in this article are affiliate links, meaning that if you buy through my links, you don’t pay anything extra, but I get a small commission on the sale. Thanks for your support

A few tips before we start:

  • Always do your homework: you might find a better deal at your local store or on another website
    • I focus mostly on Amazon because they’re one of the few retailers that will ship English games internationally (I don’t live in the US), and, generally speaking, they have most games. But you might find better deals somewhere else
  • If you’re shopping on Amazon, I recommend the Keepa plugin for your browser. It’s a nice extension to your browser that shows you historical prices of a product. This allows in particular to detect “fake” sales that aren’t a good deal. I am not affiliated with Keepa in any way but I really like their plugin.
  • By the time you read this, it’s possible a given deal is gone, or not available to you. I don’t control that, sorry!

Here are the handful of ongoing deals on Amazon:

Solo Board Game Deals

(Games in this list are not necessarily exclusively solo, but play very well for solo gamers. Check our list of Top 100 Solo board games coming into 2024 here)

Bullet – $34.39 (14% off)

A puzzle/action boss-battler that is also awesome solo – By the way they’re doing an expansion/reprint kickstarter if you want to check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/level99games/bullet-universe

Gaia Project – $83.99 (16% off)

Family Board Games

Dungeons, Dice and Danger – $20.99 (20% off)

A perfect family game by no other than Magic the Gathering’s creator Richard Garfield! Also awesome for solo!

Avatar The Last Airbender – Crossroads of Destiny $25.86 (22% off)

A Family cooperative game with a story-driven campaign, great for fans of the popular franchise, and on the “simpler” side of cooperative games

Trekking The National parks – $40 (20% off)

In Trekking the National Parks, players race around the board to visit as many national parks as possible, collecting stones and claiming park cards to earn victory points

Other Deals

Twilight Imperium – $114.85 (13% off)

Dark Moon – $50.80 (15% off)

A great social deduction/traitor game with a compelling theme, awesome if you play it with the right people

Board Game Expansion Deals

(Marvel Legendary) Legendary Dimensions – $21.10 (16% off)

Add-on for Legendary Marvel

Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid – Allies Pack 1 – $35.60 (21% off)

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