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2022 Best Solo Board Games: BGG’s People Choice (and some Board Game Ranking videos)

BoardGameGeek’s 2022 “People’s Choice Top 200 Solo Games” list has landed! Those of you who’ve been following this blog might know that I’m big on solo gaming, and this list in particular has been a huge source of inspiration for my board game purchases over the past year.

Well, the ranking is back for 2022, and, of course, it’s a very solid list. You might disagree at a personal level with the actual ranking of some of the games (it is, after all, based on a popularity vote, and those have their limitations), but there’s no denying that all the games in the top 200, and the top 100 in particular, are absolutely good games. Spirit Island, Mage Knight, Marvel: Champions, Arkham Horror TCG, etc… are of course all in there.

If you’re like me and have been following this list for a while now, the content might not feel super fresh: solo games that were great last year are still awesome this year, and as such the top 100 does not move heavily.

I do have a bit of a solution for that!

I’ve been toying with video editing lately (although I have to say my computer feels a bit antiquated to do that…) and started publishing some “best [insert whatever category here] board game” videos. They’re simple ranked videos set to royalty-free music, hopefully some of you might enjoy them with your morning coffee or what not.

One of these videos is the “fresh” stuff from the top 200 Best solo board games. It only contains games that are new to the list, or got a significant rank boost compared to last year.

Games can join the list, or get a boost rank for a variety of reasons: Recent games that are progressively gaining in popularity, games that recently got a solo expansion, games that got under the spotlight by a popular youtuber, etc…

But what’s interesting for me is that they are games that were not necessarily on my radar, and/or feel fresh compared to the rest of the list.

I’ve also done a video where I took the top 30 Sci-fi games from the list (simply because I love Sci-Fi).

I have more videos in the pipeline, just need the time to work on them.

What games in this 2022 list caught your attention? Burncycle really looks interesting to me!

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Spirit Island
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